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Robots for logistics tasks

Depalletizing after goods receipt, repalletizing and order picking of items for shipping are important, labor-intensive tasks in logistics. A wide variety of goods must be collected in the warehouses of trading companies, manufacturers and logistics service providers on transport units – usually Euro pallets – in order to prepare them for the next stage of production or shipping.

PREMIUM ROBOTICS implements modular logistics solutions. Depending on the application and customer, different types of systems are assembled from a modular system. The special feature is the roll-on technology of premium robotics, which allows the robot to grip even the most difficult types of packs (e.g. trays with yogurt).


In a production, mono pallets are created at the end of the line. Often these have to be depalletized again for commission formation or for storage in the handling warehouse. A heavy and monotonous task, which can now be done by the robot even with difficult packages.


In the store, retail chains often want to offer fast-moving products on semi-pallets instead of on space-taking Euro pallets. Producers and high-bay technology can usually only process Euro pallets. This is where our standardized repalletizing robot helps, which can produce mixtures of several varieties, such as chocolate, vanilla and strawberry on a pallet if required.

Order picking

The premier class of handling tasks in logistics. Depending on the product mix, either simple insular solutions or complete robot-based storage systems can be created. Thanks to the highly flexible gripping technology, hardly any product can be excluded from the automated picking process.

The roll-on gripper

The roll-on gripping principle is flexible with regard to the different types of packages and the existing situations in intralogistics. The novel gripping principle was taken up by PREMIUM ROBOTICS and brought to series production. The achieved process reliability and flexibility in relation to a wide variety of packages are unique.

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